A Vertical Escape

November 10, 2015

LOCATION: Moléson, Fribourg, Switzerland

Nomadic June Journal A Vertical Escape
The proper way to explore Switzerland is with a harness, long rope and a handful of carabiners. A wet and gloomy Sunday won't stop the Alps from calling. We were driving home from an archery class when Gary decided to pull over in Charmey, near a ski lift. I sat in the car while he went inside to look at a webcam (one that monitors weather from a mountain top). A minute later he came running back with excitement on his face. The fog was low enough that we could pass it if we climbed vertically.

It was as if a new day had just begun. Instead of driving home as planned, we parked the car near Gros-Plané at 1,400 m (4,593 ft) and walked 45 minutes to the bottom of the Via Ferrata at 1,630 m (5,347 ft). With fog thick as cotton candy, we weren't able to fully see Moléson. And I didn't see the fear that awaited me among the stones. (Moléson is a well-known mountain in the Canton of Fribourg. Not far is Gruyères, which you may know as a cheese brand or for its castle).

Life has hinted more than once that details often come later. 'Details' in this case was fear and being perfectly aware of the present and the reality of it. I followed my husband up the mountain without question. It was all dandy until about halfway... Only then I asked myself if I'm comfortable with the void below. And if these iron rungs can truly hold me. Everything in me said NO, this is not natural! So I panicked (briefly). Quitting was not an option. Via ferratas are made for going up, not down because it's too dangerous.

Once I came to the understanding that my only choice was to finish the 1h30-2hr via ferrata, I was able to clear my mind and trust myself. I actually enjoyed the rest of the way up. We reached the top at 2,002 m (6,568 ft). I couldn't believe my eyes. We were practically walking on clouds. We made it just in time to see the sun set for the day.

Once the light disappeared, we hurried down the west side of the mountain and ran through the fog with our phones lighting the way. We had to cross a field to get to our car. A field that held at least a dozen cows. A new fear settled in, much quicker than before. I grabbed my husband's hand and hoped the invisible cows thought we were invisible too.
Nomadic June Journal A Vertical Escape
Nomadic June Journal A Vertical Escape
Nomadic June Journal A Vertical Escape
Nomadic June Journal A Vertical Escape
Nomadic June Journal A Vertical Escape


November 29, 2015

So magic ⭐️

November 28, 2015

AMAZING! You take such beautiful photos and of course the s scenery is unreal!!

A bit off topic, but I'm so interested to hear more about your life in Switzerland! Are you able to work? Are you learning German? And it would be really interesting to read details about how you & your husband fell in love. :)

November 24, 2015

Beautiful. Some of your pictures take my breath away. Hope you are well.

Tanya Kani
November 11, 2015

So surreal! (Looks like a "Is this real life?" moment) Love that there's a bench up top!



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